Pamela Anderson without makeup

Born:   July 1, 1967 Citizenship:   Canadian and American Career:   1989– present Occupation:   Actress, model, activist, author, Pamela Anderson known also as Pam Anderson is a very popular actress, activist, television producer, author etc. She is also a mother of two boys and feels very happy to have them. Her marriage ended

Mandy Moore without makeup

Born:   April 10, 1984 Citizenship:   New Hampshire, United States Career:   1999– present Occupation:   Singer, songwriter, actress, model , When she first introduced herself and when she started her career was another blonde and sweet girl. Since an early age she started singing, was one of the best on her group but

Justin Timberlake without makeup

Born: January 31, 1981 Citizenship: Memphis, Tennessee, United States Career: 1992– present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician, actor Justin Timberlake is an American singer, musician, songwriter, businessman and actor he has became famous since an early age playing Mickey Mouse and then he started singing. Because of his good work he has earned lots of awards

Justin Bieber without makeup

Born:   March 1, 1994 Citizenship:   Canada Career:   2008– present Occupation:   Singer, songwriter Justin Bieber is the type of guy which attracted every teen girl since his first performance on the scene. He became famous thanks to his mum which posted Justin’s videos on YouTube for their family to see. Justin has

Janet Jackson without makeup

Born:   May 16, 1966 Citizenship:   United States, Indiana Career:   1973– present Occupation:   Singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, film producer, author Janet Jackson is one of the most known members of Jackson’s family except Michael. She is an artist and actress that has own lots of success. Janet is the youngest member

Eva Longoria without makeup

Born:   March 15, 1975 Citizenship:   United States, Texas Career:   1999– present Occupation:   Actress Where should I start from, she has won the hometowns Miss Corpus, she works as a headhunter in Los Angeles, has played so many roles in some movies, one of the most known is one the Desperate Housewife

Enrique Iglesias without makeup

Born:   May 8, 197 Citizenship:   Spain, Madrid Career:   1995– present Occupation:   Singer, songwriter, actor, record producer Enrique Iglesias is a child that comes from a well known and very famous father, Julio Iglesias, but which never used his father’s name for gaining his own success. Enrique is a Mexican, actor, singer,

Emma Roberts without makeup

Born:   February 10, 1991 Citizenship:   United States, New York Career:   2001 – present Occupation:   Actress, singer A very young and talented girl the which origin is from famous and talented people, the niece of the big Julia Roberts, Emma shows talent on acting and she became famous very fast. Emma Roberts

Dakota Johnson without makeup

Born:   October 4, 1989 Citizenship:   United States, Texas Career:   1999 – present Occupation:   Actress, model Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model. She also comes from a very famous family. She may inherited the genes of her mother because her mother, aunt and grandmother and grandfather were famous actresses. Dakota

Brad Pitt without makeup

Well how can we write about Brad Pitt without makeup? He is so handsome, good looking, always charming and every girl’s dream of a husband. Brad Pitt has been selected twice from the People magazine “The sexiest man alive”. They were right, he is so. Brad since younger age has owned the attention of people,