Bruce Willis without makeup

Bruce Willis without makeup Born: March 19, 1955 Citizenship: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Career: 1980 – present Occupation: Actor, producer, writer, singer If you think bald men are not sexy, take a look at Bruce Willis and we guarantee you will change your mind. He is 60 and boy does he look hotter than ever! The actor

Betty White without makeup

Betty White without makeup Born: January 17, 1922 Citizenship: Oak Park, Illinois, U.S. Career: 1939 – present Occupation: Actress, comedian, writer, singer When getting old, colors and makeup are necessary. They make us look years younger, funny, cheerful. And Betty White is a unique one. The golden girl has a power you wouldn’t find in

Behati Prinsloo without makeup

Behati Prinsloo without makeup Born: May 16, 1989 Citizenship: Grootfontein, Namibia Career: 1994 – present Occupation: Model The lovely Behati Prinsloo is known for the perfect body. The “Victoria’s Secret” model also married the famous singer Adam Lavine in 2014 and her name became known to us all. You would think that Behati bares it

Ben Stiller without makeup

Ben Stiller without makeup Born: November 30, 1965 Citizenship: New York, U.S Career: 1975 – present Occupation: Actor, comedian, filmmaker “Meet the parents” one and two made him even more famous. The man we are writing about is Ben Stiller. The 49-year-old is one of the funniest actors. It runs in the veins they say,

Ashley Olsen without makeup

Ashley Olsen without makeup Born: June 13, 1986 Citizenship: Sherman Oaks, California, U.S. Career: 1987 – 2011 Occupation: Actress, fashion designer, producer, author Being a star has its pros and cons. For being a VIP, a very famous actress she has a whole team of beauty experts to look after her and make sure she

Ariana Grande without makeup

Ariana Grande without makeup Born: June 26, 1993 Citizenship: Boca Raton, Florida, U.S. Career: 2008 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress She is just a kid and many girls her age, don’t even wear lipstic. So, going out without any makeup on can do no harm. We are talking about Ariana Grande one of the

Anna Nicole Smith without makeup

Anna Nicole Smith without makeup Born: November 28, 1967 Citizenship: Houston, Texas, U.S. Career: 1991 – 2007 Occupation: Model, actress, tv personality She is remembered as the girl who was famous for just being famous. The woman which the media “created” and then destroyed in the ’90-es. Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress

Al Pacino without makeup

Al Pacino without makeup Born: April 25, 194 Citizenship: Manhattan, New York, U.S. Career: 1967 – present Occupation: Actor, filmmaker We don’t get tired at looking at our favorite celebrities. We want to be like them, behave and even look the same way. There are people who have spent thousands to look like their favorite

Pamela Anderson without makeup

Pamela Anderson without makeup Born: July 1, 1967 Citizenship: Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada Career: 1989 – present Occupation: Actress, model, television producer, activist, author Pamela Anderson known also as Pam Anderson is a very popular actress, activist, television producer, author etc. She is also a mother of two boys and feels very happy to have

Mandy Moore without makeup

Mandy Moore without makeup Born: April 10, 1984 Citizenship: New Hampshire, U.S Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, model , When she first introduced herself and when she started her career was another blonde and sweet girl. Since an early age she started singing, was one of the best on her group but