Cameron Diaz without makeup

Cameron Diaz without makeup Cameron Diaz is an Hollywood very successful acctress. She has been part of so many movies being the main character and achieving the goal, giving her best and performing professionaly. She owns a very hot body that every women would like to have. In United Stated 87% of womens accordind the

Avril Lavigne without makeup

Avril Lavigne without make up The United Kingdom’s the youngest pop star and pop princess Avril Lavigne which from the year of 17 sold 30 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. She is Canadian and French a great singer and songwritter. Avril is always showed up wearing lots of makeup and we could never

Vanessa Hudgens without makeup

Vanessa Hudgens without makeup What can we say about the beautiful and sweet little “High School Musical” star? The beautiful brunette, the kind of teenager that every girl would like to be her because of her appearience and her talent, the kind of girl that made Zac crayzy with her voice and personality. But is

Miley Cyrus without makeup

Miley Cyrus without makeup Miley Cyrus an acctress, singer and a songwritter achieved success with so many singles publishing her own albums and being part of so many several televisions. On her teenage year she had a very great appearance her lond hair made her look prettier but what now? Now she is a big

Mariah Carey without makeup

Mariah Carey without makeup Mariah Carey, the American singer, songwritter and acctress that has sold 200 milions of her records and that was named like the best-selling-female on millenium 2000. A very successful woman that always has been showed up like a lady could not be escaping from the proffessonal photo catchers. Like everybody else

Kristen Stewart without makeup

Kristen Stewart without makeup Kristen Stewart or the well known Bella Swan? Of course it’s the same persn but we all know her with her vampire name. Her amazing role made us love her and her look on the Twilight movie made us create an image that Bella could never be different. While seeing her

Emma Watson without makeup

Emma Watson without makeup On the age of nine she has played the role of Hermione on the Harry Potter movei. Even that she was a little she has been choosen becase of her talent. Who could play better that Emma? Emma Watson the well known acctress and the model, she has started career very

Adele without makeup

Adele without makeup. The British singer Adele that made headlines one time with her wonderful songs that now has stopped singing for a while because of an operation of voice accords. She has told for an interview that she wanted to stop singing for a while because is doesn’t she could lose her love. Like

Angelina Jolie without makeup

Angelina Jolie without makeup Angelina Jolie, one of the best actors, producers and one of the most beautiful Hollywood divas that is known for her beauty, creativity and her soul in those pictures she is displayed in a very different way of what we are used to see. The fabulous diva of the Red Carpet

Fergie without makeup

Fergie without makeup As long as we know Fergie we all know her cute face but she is only 37 and without makeup she looks older than she is. Without makeup any of the celebrities won’t be able to look as much beautiful as they seem. Talking about Fergie she looks older than the age