Emma Thompson without makeup

One of the most talented British acctresses, comedian, screenwritter of her generation Emma Thompson with pride continues her very liked work. One word says “Find a job you love, and you never have to work ayday of your life”. So happened with Emma, she is very good on what she does and has won so

Berguzar Korel without makeup

Berguzar Korel a Turkish acctress a very good one that couldn’t been different because she comes from a family which her parents were also actors. She has been the main role in the Binbir Gece (1001 Nights) playing Sehrezade, after that she has played on the Muhtesem Yuzyil and now she is the main role

Victoria Justice without makeup

The beautiful american acctress, singer and songwritter Victoria Justice has started her career from a very early age since she was 10. She continued playing on different movies amd becoming one of the most wanted acctresses. We always look at Victoria and wonder how could a person be that cute and gorgeus at the same

Penelope Cruz without makeup

The Spanish Academy Award winner, the acctress that is well known about her movies, the little ballerina, that generous person that gave her first salary to the chldreens in need all thoes things I have said I can summarize with a simple name, Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz has always had what she wanted. Since she

Lana Del Rey without makeup

Lana and her sweet voice have had a great success on music. Everybody loves to hear her relaxing voice even she sometimes on the interviews says such things that may disturb the audience. In one of her last interviews she has said “I wish I was dead already”. She doesn’t care a lot about the

Cameron Diaz without makeup

Cameron Diaz without makeup Cameron Diaz is an Hollywood very successful acctress. She has been part of so many movies being the main character and achieving the goal, giving her best and performing professionaly. She owns a very hot body that every women would like to have. In United Stated 87% of womens accordind the

Avril Lavigne without makeup

Avril Lavigne without make up The United Kingdom’s the youngest pop star and pop princess Avril Lavigne which from the year of 17 sold 30 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. She is Canadian and French a great singer and songwritter. Avril is always showed up wearing lots of makeup and we could never

Vanessa Hudgens without makeup

Vanessa Hudgens without makeup What can we say about the beautiful and sweet little “High School Musical” star? The beautiful brunette, the kind of teenager that every girl would like to be her because of her appearience and her talent, the kind of girl that made Zac crayzy with her voice and personality. But is

Miley Cyrus without makeup

Miley Cyrus without makeup Miley Cyrus an acctress, singer and a songwritter achieved success with so many singles publishing her own albums and being part of so many several televisions. On her teenage year she had a very great appearance her lond hair made her look prettier but what now? Now she is a big

Mariah Carey without makeup

Mariah Carey without makeup Mariah Carey, the American singer, songwritter and acctress that has sold 200 milions of her records and that was named like the best-selling-female on millenium 2000. A very successful woman that always has been showed up like a lady could not be escaping from the proffessonal photo catchers. Like everybody else