Mila Kunis without makeup

Mila Kunis, is an American actress, her real name is Milena Kunis but everybody used to call her Mila. She has moved to Los Angeles from the age of 7 and till then she has started her career. She has played in several television programs and movies, but before them she was the voice of

Madonna without makeup

The beautiful lady, the bestseller of her recordings, the lady that has made the reinvention of both music and image, she is also a songwriter an talented actress, I’m talking about magnificent Madonna. From the day she has started her career she has made a development in music, dressing, style and fashion trends. The flawless

Khloe Kardashian without makeup

Today we decided to write about another member of the Kardashian family. Today we’ll talk about Khloe Kardashian without makeup. The well known TV presenter of the TV program “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is known also for being a model and actress. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney the three sisters have launched their several clothing

Kim Kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous members of the Kardashian family. She is an actress and a stylist. Kim Kardashian is very popular most for her own private life. Kim has had many relationships but any of them didn’t last much. Actually she is married and has a daughter. Anyway Kim has showed

Kate Middleton without makeup

Today I’ll talk for a princess to be. She has stolen every girls dream to get married with the prince but she isn’t in a dream she is going to play the princess for real and she is going to live in a real castle. Kate Middleton, married the prince William after a long romance,

Jessica Alba without makeup

It’s time to talk about another celebrity without makeup. We are going to show you another beauty face that is showed differently. The well treated faces of those celebrities, without make up will leave you open mouthed. Now it’s turn of the beautiful and talented Jessica Alba which has given many proves that she is

Jennifer Lopez without makeup

Have you ever thought that Jennifer Lopez without makeup up would be again very good looking? She always expresses herself in the best way possible, she is 45 year old and still looking better than some other celebrities younger than her. J-Lo never gets out without putting makeup or without repairing her hair, but one

Nicole Scherzinger without makeup

Nicole Scherzinger is one of singers which has a very beautiful look and it’s one of the hottest females. She is the renowned vocalist of the “Pussycat Dolls”. The natural beauty of the celebrities is a thing that is judged the most. You may search about Nicole Scherzinger without makeup and will come out so

Nicki Minaj without makeup

The scene has been missing a lot a female rapper. Thanks to Lil Wayne we saw Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is known best for her colorful clothing they have given her a recognition as a fashion icon. She likes to experiment with her look she has worn some outlandish outfits and her bubblegum pink lips

Nicole Richie without makeup

Nicole Richie grew up in a privileged Los Angelos society. She has been adopted from Lionel Richie her father. Her rel parents were friends with Lionel and gave all the rights to Lionel and Brenda to carry Nicole because they trusted that they would be better able to provide her. She has been adopted since