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Khloe Kardashian without makeup

Khloe Kardashian without makeup Born: June 27, 1984 Citizenship: Los Angeles, California, U.S. Career: 2007 – present Occupation: Television personality, socialite, model Today we decided to write about another member of the Kardashian family. Today we’ll talk about Khloe Kardashian without makeup. The well known TV presenter of the TV program “Keeping Up With The

Nicole Richie without makeup

Nicole Richie without makeup Born: September 21, 1981 Citizenship: Berkeley, California, U.S. Career: 2003 – present Occupation: Television personality, actress, fashion designer, author Nicole Richie grew up in a privileged Los Angelos society. She has been adopted from Lionel Richie her father. Her rel parents were friends with Lionel and gave all the rights to

Michelle Obama without makeup

Michelle Obama without makeup Born: January 17, 1964 Citizenship: Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Career: First Lady of the United States Occupation: Lawyer You are used to see to read and we are used to write on our website only for celebrities that we have seen on the Red Carpet, on different debutes, while singing or dancing.

Lady Gaga without makeup

Lady Gaga without makeup Born: March 28, 1986 Citizenship: Manhattan, New York, U.S. Career: 2001 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, philanthropist Lady Gaga was a talented child she had a music ear and started composing her own ballads since she was 13. She has studied in a private school and has worked

Emma Thompson without makeup

Emma Thompson without makeup Born: April 15, 1959 Citizenship: London, United Kingdom Career: 1982 – present Occupation: Actress One of the most talented British acctresses, comedian, screenwritter of her generation Emma Thompson with pride continues her very liked work. One word says “Find a job you love, and you never have to work ayday of

Victoria Justice without makeup

Victoria Justice without makeup Born: February 19, 1993 Citizenship: Florida, U.S Career: 2009 – present Occupation: Actress, singer The beautiful american acctress, singer and songwritter Victoria Justice has started her career from a very early age since she was 10. She continued playing on different movies amd becoming one of the most wanted acctresses. We