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Avril Lavigne without makeup

Avril Lavigne without makeup Born: September 27, 1984 Citizenship: Belleville, Ontario, Canada Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter The United Kingdom’s the youngest pop star and pop princess Avril Lavigne which from the year of 17 sold 30 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. She is Canadian and French a great singer and songwritter.

Miley Cyrus without makeup

Miley Cyrus without makeup Born: November 23, 1992 Citizenship: Franklin, Tennessee, U.S. Career: 2006 – present Occupation: Singer, actress, songwriter Miley Cyrus an acctress, singer and a songwritter achieved success with so many singles publishing her own albums and being part of so many several televisions. On her teenage year she had a very great

Emma Watson without makeup

Emma Watson without makeup Born: Apri 15, 1990 Citizenship: Paris, France Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Actress, model On the age of nine she has played the role of Hermione on the Harry Potter movei. Even that she was a little she has been choosen becase of her talent. Who could play better that Emma?