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Tulisa Contostavlos without makeup

Tulisa Contostavlos without makeup Born: July 13, 1988 Citizenship: London, England Career: 2000 – present Occupation: Singer-songwriter, actress, television personality Lips, eyebrows, nose…Done. Just to be sure you understand what we talking about is the plastic surgeries the famous British singer Tulisa Contostavlos has undergone to be perfect, beautiful and  flawless. The list of compliments

Paris Hilton without makeup

Paris Hilton without makeup Born: February 17, 198 Citizenship: New York, U.S. Career: 2000 – present Occupation: Tv personality, model, actress, singer, businesswoman, author What does a Barbie doll have more than Paris Hilton, the beautiful girl, mostly known for being great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels? Obviously nothing. The  34-year-old girl

Carmen Electra without makeup

Carmen Electra without makeup Born: April 20, 1972 Citizenship: Sharonville, Ohio, U.S. Career: 1990 – present Occupation: Actress, model, dancer, television personality, singer, entertainer Blonde, sexy, hot and 43 years old. She is Carmen Electra or Tara as this is her real name. Her beautiful blue eyes, have made all men dream about her day

Justin Bieber without makeup

Justin Bieber without makeup Born: March 1, 1994 Citizenship: Ontario, Canada Career: 2008 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actor Justin Bieber is the type of guy which attracted every teen girl since his first performance on the scene. He became famous thanks to his mum which posted Justin’s videos on YouTube for their family to

Kate Middleton without makeup

Kate Middleton without makeup Born: January 9, 1982 Citizenship: Reading, England, United Kingdom Career: / Occupation: The Duchess of Cambridge Today I’ll talk for a princess to be. She has stolen every girls dream to get married with the prince but she isn’t in a dream she is going to play the princess for real

Nicki Minaj without makeup

Nicki Minaj without makeup Born: December 8, 1982 Citizenship: Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago Career: 2004 – present Occupation: Rapper, singer, songwriter The scene has been missing a lot a female rapper. Thanks to Lil Wayne we saw Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is known best for her colorful clothing they have given her a recognition