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Lucy Hale without makeup

Lucy Hale without makeup Born: June 14, 1989 Citizenship: Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Career: 2003 – present Occupation: Actress, singer When I saw her face at first I thought she was not real. But then I saw the movie and confirmed that in fact, she is. I’m talking about Lucy Hale, the 26 year old famous

Jessica Simpson without makeup

Jessica Simpson without makeup Born: July 10, 1980 Citizenship: Abilene, Texas, U.S. Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman Remember those “before” and “after” commercials? This is the case to use that phrase, as once the famous singer Jessica Simpson, is looking like an old lady more and more every day. Things don’t

Jennifer Love Hewitt without makeup

Jennifer Love Hewitt without makeup Born: February 21, 1979 Citizenship: Waco, Texas, United States Career: 1989 – present Occupation: Actress, television producer, author, television director, singer, songwriter She talks to ghosts, helps them cross into the light. This woman is the wonderful actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. She rose to fame with the “I know what

Ellie Goulding without makeup

Ellie Goulding without makeup Born: December 30, 1986 Citizenship: Hereford, Herefordshire, England Career: 2009 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter British girls can make everything sound sexy and charming. A 28-year-old girl representing UK in the world with her best singles is Ellie Goulding. “Love me like you do” is one of the most beautiful songs

Simon Cowell without makeup

Simon Cowell without makeup Born: October 7, 1959 Citizenship: London, England Career: 1979 – present Occupation: Businessman, philanthropist, television and record producer If you thought men do not need or wear makeup, you couldn’t be any more wrong. The well known English TV personality and music producer Simon Cowell is the living proof of it.

Matt LeBlanc without makeup

Matt LeBlanc without makeup Born: July 25, 1967 Citizenship: Massachusetts, U.S. Career: 1985 – present Occupation: Actor, comedian, producer Years are passing by, aren’t they Joey? This man is Matt LeBlanc, but you better know him as Joey in the famous sitcom “Friends” aired from 1994 to 2004. He was the ladies man and definitely