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Jessica Simpson without makeup

Jessica Simpson without makeup Born: July 10, 1980 Citizenship: Abilene, Texas, U.S. Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman Remember those “before” and “after” commercials? This is the case to use that phrase, as once the famous singer Jessica Simpson, is looking like an old lady more and more every day. Things don’t

Courteney Cox without makeup

Courteney Cox without makeup Born: June 15, 1964 Citizenship: Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. Career: 1984 – present Occupation: Actress, producer, director With no intention of being evil, this time we are going to see how Courteney Cox looks like in the red carpet and out of it. Let me begin by saying that maybe too often

Justin Timberlake without makeup

Justin Timberlake without makeup Born: January 31, 1981 Citizenship: Memphis, Tennessee, United States Career: 1992 – present Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician, actor Justin Timberlake is an American singer, musician, songwriter, businessman and actor he has became famous since an early age playing Mickey Mouse and then he started singing. Because of his good work he

Dakota Johnson without makeup

Dakota Johnson without makeup Born: October 4, 1989 Citizenship: United States, Texas Career: 1999 – present Occupation: Actress, model Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model. She also comes from a very famous family. She may inherited the genes of her mother because her mother, aunt and grandmother and grandfather were famous actresses. Dakota

Sandra Bullock without makeup

Sandra Bullock without makeup Born: July 26, 1964 Citizenship: Arlington County, Virginia, United States Career: 1987 – present Occupation: Actress, film producer Sandra Bullock it is a very loved and very famous actress. She also is very talented we have seen her playing in drama movies, action, suspense, romance etc. She is a very beautiful